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The Secret to Delighting Customers, Right Now

Learn how to progressively build profiles, personalize the customer experience, and achieve the vision of Salesforce as a single source of truth.

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What will you learn in this webinar?

What will you learn in this webinar?

Customer expectations are higher than ever. Yet many organizations still struggle to collect data that helps them progressively build customer profiles and personalize customer experiences. In this webinar, Formstack VP of Partnerships Zak Pines and HIKE2 Developer Nicholas Jeans showcase how to improve the customer experience.

Establish a single source of truth

Learn how to employ Salesforce as your customers’ single source of truth.

Improve efficiency

See how to create Salesforce forms without tedious field mappings.

Delight customers

Discover the advantage of prefilling forms with Salesforce data and ensuring your data isn’t stuck in siloed systems or buried in documents.


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